Meta Healing Meditation

Start healing your mind, body and soul now!

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle and reach your weight goals, you need motivation. Meditation is key and can help you stay motivated.

You should motivate yourself with pleasure and pain techniques and think about it every day before starting meditation.

Young woman meditating


Think about what you don't like and want to change in relation to it and the problems and issues it will create for you, for example, the problem of being overweight; think about how you put your health at risk when you are overweight. And what many problems does this excess weight cause for you: low self-confidence, misshapen body, no energy, emotional damage, etc.
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When you reach that ideal condition, how do you feel and see yourself in that state in your mind? You are more, energetic, more beautiful, stronger and fitter

1.Sit comfortably

You may even want to use a meditation chair or cushion.

2. Do this for at least 5 minutes every day.

It helps if you can do it at the same time and place.

3. Close your eyes

4. Try to calm your mind

It is impossible not to think at first. Humans have thousands of thoughts every day and every minute. After some time when you do meta healing meditation, you can create silence in your mind better and more

5. Put aside prejudgment

Prejudging means not judging anything, including the meditation you are doing. In this meta healing meditation, you respect yourself. Simply put, you put yourself first and invest a few minutes of your day just for yourself.

6. During meta healing meditation, witness the events that happened to you during meditation.

7. During meditation, think of yourself as a non-judgmental researcher

Experience has proven that if during meditation you consider yourself as a non-judgmental researcher and remember all the emotional and physical events that happen during meditation and write them down for yourself or write them down for me after the meditation is over. The speed of your progress plays a significant role in quieting your mind and improving your general mood.

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