Go Green, Go Clean, Go Fit

Ali Moyed, I am married with two children, I have been living in Vancouver, Canada for more than 25 years.

I received my bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Iran Institute of Nutrition – Shahid Beheshti University.

His employment history in Iran includes Hazar Takhtakhobi Hospital, National University of Iran Hospital as a nutritionist, expert in food ingredients, in charge of quality control laboratory of food ingredients in the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Iran. Since I came to Canada 25 years ago, I have continued to give advice in the field of lifestyle, nutrition and diet. 2012 was a turning point in my life. My second son suffered from an indeterminate disease in his legs for the first five years of his life, conventional medicine did not help him. He regained his health with a form of meditation and homeopathy.

After that, I went back to university and continued my studies in the field of homeopathy, and my interest in metaphysical meditation, energy therapy, quantum physics, and the fields of consciousness and water increased, and I gained many studies and experiences in this field over many years. In the past seven years, in addition to nutrition work, I have held many seminars and workshops related to water, health and beauty in different parts of the world in person and online. About two years ago, in order to provide comprehensive and complete help to my clients, I started updating my education in relation to providing sports programs and diet writing for athletes and those who want to have a more beautiful body, and I completed it in 2022.

The collection of this education and work experience helped a lot in the quality of my work for my clients, and it was possible to have more comprehensive suggestions for weight control, food supplements, lifestyle improvement, disease prevention, health, beauty, sports program and meditation.

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