Computerized Diet Analysis

Computerized Diet Analysis Initial Session

Have you ever wondered if your diet provides all the important nutrients necessary for good health?

With a sophisticated nutrition software, a certified sports performance & fitness nutrition specialist review your 3-day food intake record (FIR) and analyzed to generate a personalized Nutrient Intake Report that includes your total calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, saturated fat, trans fat, poly & monounsaturated fat, cholesterol, water, fiber, caffeine, alcohol, and all vitamins and minerals will be analyzed based on your 3 day FIR.


Your Nutrient Intake Report will also be compared to the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) to determine if you are getting too much or too little of a particular nutrient based on your age, gender, activity level, and personal goals for weight maintenance, weight loss, or weight gain.