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Alkaline ionized water

Water is the source of life without which life is not possible. Water has many properties for the body and helps the body in different ways. But have you ever heard about alkaline water and its properties?

What is alkaline water?

PH (potential of hydrogen) is the unit that determines the acidity and alkalinity of substances, which has 14 degrees, the number 7 is neutral, any substance whose pH is higher than 7 is considered alkaline, while any substance whose pH is The number below is 7, it is acidic. Alkaline water is water with a high pH. The pH of water can be changed by adding substances to it or by ionization, making it more acidic or alkaline. By drinking alkaline water, you can alkalize your body, bringing its pH back into balance to avoid problems related to acidity.

Why is alkaline water good for you?

People whose body has high acidity usually feel less healthy than people whose body is in balance. Often, having an acidic body is due to stress, wrong food consumption, daily activity and certain lifestyle. You can measure your body’s pH level by purchasing a litmus strip and using it to test saliva or urine.

Why does alkaline ionized water help prevent diseases and provide better health conditions?

For more than half a century, scientists and researchers of the world have been talking about water that is found in certain areas of the globe and with its healing properties, it can easily remove toxins from the body and bring health to us, of course. This type of healing water is found in certain parts of the world, but today, after years, scientists and researchers were able to use a unique technology to provide us with the same healing spring water from city water at home or at work. d?

There are 4 important features in these healing waters:

Kangen Water, which comes to us through ionized and water purifying technology, can be effective for us always and everywhere by easily eliminating excess body acid and removing toxins and providing better water due to these 4 key features. The crystal formation of water molecules causes better absorption and lightening of water, antioxidant has a good effect on youth and freshness, and this is not hidden from anyone, and it can strengthen the body’s defense system and cause better absorption of vitamins. Oxidants protect the body against harmful molecules, pollution, stress and premature aging and help to detoxify the body.
An adequate amount of oxygen, this feature is very vital for brain cells and all organs because it increases energy production in the body.

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Some Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

The body is alkaline in its natural and healthy state, and keeping the body in an alkaline state has many benefits

Some benefits of drinking alkaline water

Although there are mixed opinions about the effectiveness of alkaline therapy, a 2007 review in the United States, published in the Journal of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, shows that the bodies of people who use alkaline foods and alkaline supplements They have a balance, so with improved kidney function, they are better able to cleanse their body of toxins

Another way that drinking alkaline water can help your health is by balancing the gut, thereby strengthening the immune system and preventing the spread of infection. In 2005, Nina Vorobjova, a researcher from Lomonosov Moscow State University, published her initial findings on the relationship between alkaline sanitary water and intestinal function in the journal Medical Hypothesis, according to this study: "Drinking alkaline water increases the growth of microflora in It helps the stomach and intestines

Kidney function and intestinal health are not the only ways that alkaline water can help the body. Although human research is limited, a 2013 study conducted on rats by a research team at Korea's Hannam University and published in the Journal of Nutrition and Exercise Research suggests that alkaline water can promote liver health. forgive According to this research, mice who had problems with blood sugar control (similar to what is seen in diabetics) and drank alkaline ionized water, their liver function improved after drinking alkaline water.

Athletes lose water and electrolytes through exercise and sweating. Exercise causes the muscles to produce more hydrogen ions than the body normally excretes. Therefore, acidity increases and causes fatigue. In 2010, a study on this issue was conducted by a researcher from Montana State University and published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. In this research, they found that people with intense sports activities were better able to maintain their balance and water when they drank alkaline water.

The main meals are produced and at other times it acts like a channel. Therefore, it is usually suggested not to use alkaline water half an hour before and half an hour after the main meals. Further explanation is that the stomach wall creates an alkaline mucous membrane by secreting a thick layer of mucus and secretin from the sodium bicarbonate solution. Secretin is a gastric and intestinal hormone that is produced and released in the digestive system and helps digest protein and fat. Secretin is secreted from duodenal cells and affects gastric and pancreatic secretions. Hydrochloric acid is secreted along with eating and it disinfects and digests food. The food taken out of the stomach is also neutralized by the sodium bicarbonate secreted in the duodenum.

The amount of toxins in the elderly is often higher than in other people, which depends on the diet, drinking regimen, environmental conditions, and especially the type of drugs used. For this reason, older people are likely to experience a longer detoxification period when starting to drink alkaline water and may need to spend a longer period of time on the first level of alkaline water use than the average person.

Alkaline drinking water is beneficial for animals as much as it is beneficial for the human body. Water with the same quality as purified and chlorinated water does not exist in nature, for example, a dog always prefers water in a hole that is full of alkaline minerals to unnatural alternative waters.

Benefits of alkaline water

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Elimination of toxins from the body

Another benefit of alkaline water for the body is that it removes toxins better and ultimately reduces the possibility of disease in the body to zero. By drinking the amount of alkaline drinking water needed by the body in a day, you can ensure the health of your body.
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Weight loss and slimming

Alkaline water consumption has a significant effect on weight loss and slimming. With continuous consumption of alkaline water, the body's fat storage decreases and in fact the body's metabolism reaches a normal level. The human body loses extra weight much easier and faster in an alkaline state than in an acidic state.
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Prevent the development of diabetes

In Japan, Dr. Kijiro Kuwabara has been treating diabetes with alkaline water for years. He says that even a month of drinking alkaline water can significantly lower hidden blood sugar. All these studies from different parts of the world prove that ionized alkaline water can be used as a therapeutic method in reducing blood sugar levels.

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