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Ali Moayed’s online nutrition consultation will help you experience rapid weight loss in a short period of time without physical complications. The duration of the online diet varies depending on your conditions and you can lose an average of 4 kilos every month. Using our online nutrition counseling is without any physical and mental complications and is the result of more than 25 years of scientific experience and providing slimming diet counseling services to more than thousands of people.

Do not delay health!

Experience your online consultation in a scientific and different way, along with full support until you reach your ideal weight and lifestyle with us.

All the diets and suggestions to improve your lifestyle are adjusted by nutrition and diet therapy consultant – Ali Moayed – in a completely specialized manner and according to your specific conditions and personal taste.

Lasting weight loss means changing your eating style, and modifying your eating habits, not just following a diet or taking medication

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Frequently asked questions

Online diet offers a completely specific program based on your existing conditions. In whatever physical condition you are, I will help you to reach the best weight and body. Just fill out the above form to exclusively use the alkaline food plan for a better present experience.

All people of different ages (except children and pregnant women) can use this special food plan. Even people who are looking for quick weight loss can use the online diet of Ali Moayed.

The use of any slimming drug should be under the supervision of a nutritionist, and the drugs will be considered according to your weight and body.

Instead of skipping dinner, a light meal is suggested. While not eating dinner, after a long night of hunger in the early hours of the next day, blood sugar drops drastically, and this slows down the body's metabolism and even causes weight gain.